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Welcome to the Alabama Council on Human Relations, Inc. web site. 

Headquartered in Auburn, Alabama, the Alabama Council on Human Relations, Inc., (ACHR) administers programs such as Head Start and Early Head Start which address educational, nutritional, health and social services needs of children and families.  Information about ACHR and its programs can be found on our pages.

Please click on the link What's New for the latest news including links to pages including Job Openings.


EXCITING NEWS AT DARDEN -- We received a grant that will allow us to serve Darden children for an additional 44 days!!  Why is that exciting?  When children have more time in a learning environment, they learn more - which means they will be better prepared for kindergarten.  BUT, parents are not "off the hook."  We still need your help so that our HS children go to kindergarten very well prepared to learn. We will start the new year at Darden on July 10.  Classes will run from 8:00 - 1:00 as usual and bus routes at Darden will run as usual.

We don't have the funding to offer this service at Edelman or King - yet.  We hope that we will in the next few years.

POSITIONS AVAILABLE -- We have openings for the following positions:  Teacher, Teacher Assistant, Classroom Intern and Bus Aide.

If you are interested, please see the information including qualifications on the Job Openings page.

We now are on Facebook at "ACHR - Alabama Council on Human Relations, Inc."  Exact address:   Look for our logo. "Like" us to follow us for current news & reminders as well as schedule changes (such as for those pesky storms). The jobs section does not work well for us.  Please follow the instructions on the Job Openings page to apply or inquire.


    Small panel truck to haul supplies between centers and to pick up donations.

    Passenger vans, seating 10-14 persons. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  People in the community have been SO generous.  The Sunshine Shop has been open to parents each month and they have been excited to find so many nice things to help their children and families.

If you have preschool children's books and gently used educational toys/materials, please save them for us.  We have many needs for those items.

Again, thank you so much.


Energy Assistance will open the first full week in June for the cooling season.  We continue to accept appointments for housing counseling and other services. 

When we have energy assistance funds, the appointment scheduler will open on Monday the last week of each month so people can make appointments for the next month.  Please use the appointment scheduler, not the main ACHR phone number.  People at the ACHR number cannot make appointments.   Even when appointments are fully booked, if someone cancels, an appointment will open.  If slots are full, please check back. (The slots for the NEXT month will show full until the month is opened.)

Residents of Lee County can make (or change) an appointment by either

        clicking and then following the instructions OR

        calling (334) 246-5266 and following the instructions. 

Remember, the Auburn office has moved.  We are now at 950 Shelton Mill Road (the old City Church).


As many of you know, we had a truck with a lift that we used to transport in-kind and also other items.  Currently that truck is not working, and because it will be an expensive repair, it won't be for awhile.

As a result, we cannot pick up in-kind from homes. 

We cannot accept in-kind deliveries at our Auburn location because often we cannot then transport them.

Donors are welcome to bring donations to our Sunshine Shop (301 Avenue E -- behind Darden Center on 601 S. 4th) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00. 

We appreciate your patience, and very much appreciate your donations.


We receive calls about vacancies in our apartment complexes.  We appreciate the interest in these complexes.  However, the information we have about vacancies is not always current.  Only the apartment manager knows whether there is a current vacancy, or if a vacancy is expected, and in what kind of apartment (number of bedrooms, handicapped access etc).

Please click to link to the Housing page.  Near the bottom of the page, there is a list of contact information for each of ACHR's Affordable Housing complexes.  

Contact Information

Telephone (all locations)      334-821-8336

Fax                                     334-826-6397

Address  - Physical              950 Shelton Mill Road, Auburn, Alabama, 36830

Center Locations

        Darden Center    604 S. 4th St., Opelika, AL

        Frankie B. King Center     950 Shelton Mill Road, Auburn, AL

        Edelman Center    Red Fox Dr., Hurtsboro, AL 

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Alabama Council on Human Relations, Inc.
       P.O. Box 3770, Auburn, AL 36830-3770


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