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Recent News and Coming Events - Last up-dated March 23, 2017

Enrollment - Head Start and Early Head Start - OPEN NOW for the coming year

Enrollment for Head Start children is open.  If you are interested in enrolling your child, please apply soon.  Our slots fill quickly and we always have a waiting list for all three centers. 

IF YOUR CHILD WAS NOT ENROLLED LAST YEAR, you can apply on line (even in your pjs!). There is a link to the application on the landing page of our website. 

If you don't have internet access, you can access from a library or you may come to one of our centers and we will lend you a computer.  If all else fails, you can pick up a copy of the application at Darden, Edelman or the central office at 950 Shelton Mill Road in Auburn (but that may slow down your application). 

Parents who need to REENROLL their child should call their child's Family Services Worker.

Early Head Start is a year-round program.  Applications are taken year round.  However, because we have some children transitioning into Head Start, there are some slots opening both in the center based classrooms and also in our home based program.  Any vacancies will be filled as they occur using the points system.  

At ACHR, staff is focused on giving children the best start possible.  To do that, children's regular attendance is essential.  Teachers cannot help a child learn if the child is not in the center. So, if you enroll your child, please plan to have your child in the center every day he/she is not sick.

NEW at DAREN ONLY (for now)

We have a grant to provide more class days for Darden Head Start children.  Classes will start July 10 and we are able to run all Darden buses. This grant provides an additional 220 hours of instructional time for children.  And, as you know, that is a real plus for our children.  We are excited about this, and hope you are, too.

Program for Adult Health

Natalie Stephens, our registered dietician, is offering a program for folks living with low incomes who would like information on foods, improving diet, weight loss (or gain) and so on.  She has lots of interesting ideas.  For example, she can help us learn to use those vegetables and fruits that are so good for us in healthy ways and even tuck them into dishes children will like. 

She has an afternoon light impact exercise class three afternoons a week at Darden Center 3:00 pm, and will work with individuals at other times.  There also is a class at King Center at 3:00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you would like to make an appointment to talk with her, call 821-8336 any Monday or Wednesday and ask for Natalie.


For More Information, contact us at

Alabama Council on Human Relations, Inc.

     950 Shelton Mill Road/P.O. Box 3770

     Auburn, Alabama, 36831-3770

     Phone    334-821-8336


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