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Welcome to the Alabama Council on Human Relations, Inc. web site. 

Headquartered in Auburn, Alabama, the Alabama Council on Human Relations, Inc., (ACHR) administers programs such as Head Start and Early Head Start which address educational, nutritional, health and social services needs of children and families.  Information about ACHR and its programs can be found on our pages.

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We have begun the process of moving the offices that currently are at 319 West Glenn and also the offices and classrooms that currently are in the Boykin Community Center.  Our new location will be 950 Shelton Mill Road in Auburn.

As of this writing (Wednesday, July 29), our phone and computer connections should have been down (on July 22) and already back up.  However, our provider did not plan/schedule the transfers as we believed they had so we had to reschedule.  Technicians have been working on the system this week in preparation for the changes. (Other folks have been at work doing more touch-up painting, cleaning, etc. Busy place!)

On Monday, August 3 we will have NO phone or Internet service at ANY of our facilities after about 9:00 AM.  We are uncertain when it will be back up (one to three days). We had arranged back up-phone systems for parent calls to centers, but as it worked out, the centers are closed for training next week. 

The move of staff, offices and classrooms will continue for at least another two weeks.  It will take time to get all staff, files, computers, classroom items and so on in place, as well as phones linked to correct offices etc.  Staff looks forward to having a better environment for  our children and clients as well as ourselves but progress seems to come with difficulties and challenges attached. We are sorry for any inconvenience and confusion.


We frequently receive calls about vacancies in our apartment complexes.  We appreciate the interest in these complexes.  However, the information we have about vacancies is not always current.  Only the apartment manager knows whether there is a current vacancy and in what kind of apartment (number of bedrooms, handicapped access etc).

Please click to link to the Housing page.  Near the bottom of the page, there is a list of contact information for each of ACHR's Affordable Housing complexes.


        Old cell phones with their chargers. Even cell phones that are not on a plan can dial 911. These are needed as emergency devices.

        Computers, preferably with Windows 7.  We could use more of these for classrooms.

ENERGY ASSISTANCE -  We have COOLING funds.  Even when appointments are fully booked, if someone cancels, an appointment will open.

    As long as we have funds, the appointment scheduler will be open the last week of each month so people can make appointments for the next month.

Residents of Lee County can make (or change) an appointment by either

        clicking and then following the instructions OR

        calling (334) 246-5266 and following the instructions. 

Contact Information

Telephone (all locations)       334-821-8336

Fax                                     334-826-6397

Address                              P.O. Box 3770/950 Shelton Mill Road, Auburn, Alabama, 36831 - 3770

Center Locations

        Darden Center    604 S. 4th St., Opelika, AL

        Marian Wright Edelman Center    Red Fox Dr., Hurtsboro, AL

        Frankie B. King Center  950 Shelton Mill Road, Auburn, AL 


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